Our People

When you want to book a campaign, our team are ready! We do what we love, and love what we do. We know sampling and demonstrations inside and out.


Meet The Team

Merilyn Havler – General Manager

Merilyn has worked extensively in the brand experience arena, in particular in store, having previously owned and run Product Placement Ltd, whose clients included, Fonterra, Nespresso, De Longhi, Kenwood, Reckittt Benckiser & Mars Inc. amongst others.

Out of the office, Merilyn juggles the needs of a high energy teenager with that of a high energy Border Collie, and if you fancy spicy food her curries have been compared to those found in the best Indian restaurants in the city.

Annelise Haddon Senior Account Manager

Annelise Haddon – Senior Account Manager

Annelise oversees activations on some of our biggest clients including Silver Fern Farms and Goodman Fielder, and is an amazing mentor and trainer to the junior account team.

Bought up in Dunedin the cold doesn’t phase her, and she’s renowned in the office for her daily breakfast of kale and eggs. Want something moved? No problem, she’s also our resident truck driver and trailer backer.



Amy Bateman – Account Manager

Account Manager extraordinaire. No detail large or small will slip through her grasp and clients lucky enough to have her eagle eye on their campaigns include Frucor, Griffins, and Kraft Heinz.

At home Amy loves hanging out with Max the sassy old Jack Russell and Tessa the scary but sweet natured Staffy. Holidays find Amy fuelling her travel bug and she’s currently dropping hints about her next adventure.


Phenomenon Account Team

Sherine Cameron – Junior Account Manager

The perkiest member of the Client Service team, the rumour that Sherine has never been seen without a smile on her face or a word to say is true!

Her ongoing search for knowledge is insatiable and her days off find her soaking up a new book, or practising her upcoming Toastmasters speech.

We keep Sherine quiet by diverting her attention onto campaigns. She’s currently keeping the wheels turning for Trade Aid, Aseleo Care, Goodman Fielder, Distell and a number of others.



Chelsea McMillan – Junior Account Manager

If Phenomenon was a band Chelsea would be Sporty Spice! A fantastic multi tasker you can rely on her to have every campaign detail at her fingertips. Her current clients include, Frucor, Goodman Fielder, Tokyo Foods and Kraft Heinz.

Whenever she has some spare time, Chelsea plays football for Onehunga Mangere, is queen of the office takeaways, and can talk at length about any food that doesn’t appear to be good for you!

Case Studies

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Yoplait 4-Pack Giveaway

Mall Sampling Shopper Sampling

"What a great way to break up my Christmas shopping. Thanks for the generous samples!"

Brown Brothers Prosecco

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“This Prosecco Rose would go beautifully with some crackers and cheese.”

Mini Danishes

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“These are all so yummy, I can’t decide on which flavour to buy.”

Taylor Made Wine

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"I don't really drink Shiraz, but that is definitely the nicest I've tried."

Silver Fern Farms Food Show

Event Sampling Shopper Sampling

“Silver Fern Farms have the best meat in the show, hands down.”

Takara Sake

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“Beautiful flavours! I didn’t know supermarkets sold Sake.”

Silver Fern Farms Pies

Event Sampling Promotions

“Lamb & Mint has the real taste of a Sunday Roast, it tastes like a slow cooked meal!”

Wattie’s Dinner Hub

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“It's so convenient that you don’t have to add any spices”

F. Whitlock & Sons Killer Beans

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"What a great presentation! I could smell it miles away."

Fruit Sensations & Greek

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I like that you can choose to mix the yoghurt and fruit together or keep them separate.”

Yoplait Relaunch

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"Lovely flavour, you can taste the real fruit, especially the strawberry. Very summery."

Hellers Gourmet Sausages

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“Have been put off sausages for a while but these make me want to purchase a packet.”

Nature’s Fresh Bread

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“It’s super soft, it is softer than other ‘white’ breads on the market”

A brand ambassador samples Watties Hash Bites

Wattie’s Hash Bites

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"Yum!! Awesome taste and love that they are from NZ."

Just Smash Dips

Instore Demonstrations Mall Sampling

"Love the Avocado and Pesto! I'll use this instead of our usual pesto for pasta tonight."

Wattie’s Peaches

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

”These pair very well with the yoghurt! Delicious and juicy.”

Heinz Seriously Good Mayo

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“This is really nice, I actually think I prefer it to Best Foods which is what I usually go for.”

Vogel’s Delightful Granola

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"Can't decide between the Peanut Butter or Dragonfruit, so I'll have to get one of each."

Snackachangi Chips

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I like that they are New Zealand made chips, at the moment I am trying to buy local.”

Hellers Meatball Launch

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“A lot juicer and more flavorsome than traditional meatballs.”

Silver Fern Farms Burgers

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“So many burgers are full of rubbish, so it’s great to see a good quality burger.”

Super Seeds Muesli

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I really like this! I find lots of Muesli’s sickly sweet but this one tastes really good”

Sanitarium Granola

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I love the combination of the Granola and the Oat Milk”

Honey Puffs Malls

Mall Sampling Characters

“It’s great that a treat cereal can still provide nutritional value.”

Honey Puffs Instore

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I've seen the advertising for this and wondered what they might taste like.”

Taylors Estate Wine

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"I've always wanted to try this! It's great to be able to sample across other variants as well."

Trade Aid Sampling at the Auckland Food Show

Trade Aid Auckland Food Show

Event Sampling Out of home Interactive

"Obsessed with this chocolate, and the packaging being compostable is amazing."

F. Whitlock & Sons Office Drops

Out of home Interactive Promotions

"I loved Whitlocks Peach Chutney, It's already on my list to purchase next time I'm in store."

Sampling at the Auckland Food Show Event

Silver Fern Farms

Instore Demonstrations Event Sampling

"Tastes better than what you would get in most restaurants!"

Sampling the new range of ready meals

Good Taste Company Meals

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"These taste amazing, I can't decide which one to have. I'll have to take one of each."

Phenomenon demonstrating Dr Oetker in Supermarkets.

Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I don’t usually buy frozen pizzas, but these taste so authentic I've got to have one.”

Hasbro Characters

The Warehouse Toy Play Date

Characters Interactive Promotions

"My daughter loved hugging My Little Pony, you should do more things like this."

Meadow Fresh Kaló Yoghurt

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“This is so dangerously beautiful, I would finish the 800g tub in one sitting.”

Feel Good Ice Cream

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so good, you can’t tell that these are vegan and dairy free.”

Student sampling for Irvines Pies

Irvines Pies – O Week

Event Sampling Out of home

"I love Irvine's Pies, they're great as a pick-me-up and really affordable."