Snackachangi Chips

Made from 100% free range non-caged potatoes, Chunky. Crunchy. Crispy. Brass Kettle Fried. Corrugated chips!

Each SnackaChangi chip is hand-reared from free range super potatoes, which are descended from the super potatoes first discovered at Machu Picchu in Peru – no caged potatoes are used! 

The brief 

Increase awareness of the brand, and encourage trial and purchase in this banner.

 The mechanics.

  • Vibrant branded trays to capture the shoppers attention and allow for roaming in-store. 
  • Three flavour variants sampled to shoppers. 
  • Talent dressed in red branded T-shirts and black pants. 

The outcome

  • Over 2,500 samples were distributed to shoppers
  • 44% of samples were converted to sales
  • An average of 63 sales per 4hr shift