Honey Puffs Malls

A well loved brand in NZ and favourite amongst Kiwi shoppers. 

Sanitarium has a portfolio of well known brands, Honey Puffs being one of the trusted brands in NZ. 

The brief 

Drive awareness and trial of the brand-new Honey Puffs Oaty Crunch by distributing 7,500 samples. 

 The mechanics

  • For this campaign, we used the Honey Puffs Mascot, branded roaming trays, and the Honey Puffs trolley to gain mall goers attention.
  • Talent were dressed in a branded Honey Puffs T-Shirt and red cap.
  • We had 7,500 sample packs of Honey Puff Oaty Crunch to distribute across three days.
  • We stapled $2.00 off coupons to each of the Honey Puff Sample packs to surprise and delight shoppers.

The outcome

  • 21 live sampling hours 
  • 96% of those approached took a sample  
  • Over 7,000 sample packs handed out to consumers