Product Sampling Silver Fern Farms Office Pie Sampling

Office workers were treated to delicious pies made out of 100% Silver Fern Farms meat, delivered hot to their workplace. That makes for some HapPIE workers!

The brief:

  • Silver Fern Farms teamed up with the Kai Pai Bakery in Wanaka to produce three ”Winter Warmer” pie flavours as part of their winter promotional campaign.
  • To maximize reach, we activated over a 7-day period in three regions; Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, delivering these pies to select workplaces
  • To raise awareness for Silver Fern Farms relaunching their Slow Cook Venison Diced in a 750g size pack (originally 500g) at the start of winter, and capitalize on consumer cooking trends in the colder months

The mechanics:

  • We liaised with catering companies in each region, who heated and delivered the pies to each workplace. Our Brand Ambassadors then set up the Silver Fern Farms branded stand (as pictured above) and encouraged workers to come and grab a pie free of charge, courtesy of Silver Fern Farms
  • Encourage trial then purchase by providing workers with a $2.00 OFF coupon and recipe card

The Outcome:

  • 32 workplaces were visited in 3 major cities 
  • Over 4,000 workers received a  Silver Fern Farms pie for lunch

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