About Us

Phenomenon specialises in product sampling,  product demonstrations, events and experiential activations.  We’re proud to be the sampling industry experts used by many of NZ’s most recognised consumer brands, and we’re our clients’ brands’ biggest fans!

Why do our clients use us, time and time again? Well come take a look.


Here's why our clients use us!

Phenomenon Instore Demonstration for Sorbant Tissues 2019

Our Specialist Knowledge

Our campaign knowledge is second to none. We don’t leave anything to chance, as our single-minded mission is to provide you with a WOW, on every activation, every single time.  We don’t  advertise our services because we put all our effort into our biggest endorsement – our work.

Our bespoke campaign system means we have hundreds of category insights at our fingertips. Want to know the best performing demonstration stores for your category? No problem we can tell you. Want to know the best location for an out of home activation or targeted event? Ditto.

Trade Aid Sampling at the Auckland Food Show

Our Nationwide Talent Pool

We have a nationwide talent pool based in the all the key hubs that you want to be plus across many smaller regions. This means minimising travel costs for you and better use of your budget. We have local co-ordinators based in the regions and warehousing as well.

Want us to go somewhere abit more off the beaten track? No problem. Want Talent that look a certain way to reflect your brand? We’re likely to have those people on our books already, and if we don’t, we’ll find them.

Win win.

Phenomenon instore with I love Ceral

Our Experience

Our team collectively has over 40 years experience in all aspects of product sampling, demonstrations, and events.  We know the industry top down – and bottom up. We’ve activated thousands of campaigns across pretty much every category you can name, in almost every location that is worth going to.

How much experience do we give you on your campaign? You guessed it, you get all of it! It’s our mission to do the best job we can for you and your brands and we’ll pull out all the stops to make that happen.

Sampling Silver Fern Farms at the Auckland Food Show.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors are not an afterthought.

Our campaign training is rigorous and thorough. We believe in setting our Brand Ambassadors up for success, which often involves getting our clients in on the training to show them what passion really is, so our team can reflect that passion when they’re out interacting with your consumers.

After all, execution is everything right?

Our Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

Once a campaign is live we’re all over it. Our regional managers visit shifts on a daily basis to ensure they’re being executed to plan.

We provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure the best execution possible and to set them up for success to meet their weekly sales targets.

The best reference for our work? Our work...

Case Studies

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Fruit Sensations & Greek

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I like that you can choose to mix the yoghurt and fruit together or keep them separate.”

Yoplait Relaunch

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"I usually buy something else but this is really good and I love the bag thanks for that."

Hellers Gourmet Sausages

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“Have been put off sausages for a while but these make me want to purchase a packet.”

Nature’s Fresh Bread

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“It’s super soft, it is softer than other ‘white’ breads on the market”

Wattie’s Hash Bites

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"Yum awesome taste, love that they are from NZ."

Just Smash Dips

Instore Demonstrations Mall Sampling

"I know and love Just Hummus, and great they have increased their scope - it's bound to be good, if it's them"

Wattie’s Peaches

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I always purchase Wattie’s over other brands.”

Heinz Seriously Good Mayo

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“This is really nice, I actually think I prefer it to Best Foods which is what I usually go for.”

Vogel’s Delightful Granola

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"It’s so much better than my normal muesli."

Snackachangi Chips

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I like that they are New Zealand made chips, at the moment I am trying to buy local.”

Hellers Meatball Launch

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"Yum I love all things Hellers! It's always guaranteed to be good. I didn't know they did meatballs, I always get their sausages.”

Silver Fern Farms Burgers

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“So good that they are natural and gluten free. So many burgers are full of rubbish, so it’s great to see a good quality burger.”

Super Seeds Muesli

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I really like this! I find lots of Muesli’s sickly sweet but this one tastes really good”

Sanitarium Granola

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I love the combination of the Granola and the Oat Milk”

Honey Puffs Malls

Mall Sampling Characters

“Honey Puffs is my kids favourite cereal, so I’m keen for them to try this new flavour and see how it goes!”

Honey Puffs Instore

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I've seen the advertising for this and wondered what they might taste like.”

Taylors Estate Wine

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"I've always wanted to try this! It's great to be able to sample across other variants as well."

Trade Aid Sampling at the Auckland Food Show

Trade Aid Auckland Food Show

Event Sampling Out of home Interactive

"My kids are obsessed with the Dark Raspberry Chocolate, and the packaging being compostable is amazing."

F. Whitlock & Sons Office Drops

Out of home Interactive Promotions

"I loved the Whitlocks Peach Chutney, i've already put it on my list to pick up next time i'm in store."

Sampling at the Auckland Food Show Event

Silver Fern Farms

Instore Demonstrations Event Sampling

"This tastes better than you would get in a lot of restaurants! I'm glad I got to taste it first or I would never have bought it."

Sampling the new range of ready meals

Good Taste Company Meals

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"Wow! These taste amazing, I can't decide which one to have. I'll have to take one of each."

Phenomenon demonstrating Dr Oetker in Supermarkets.

Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“I don’t normally buy frozen pizzas, but these taste so authentic I've got to have one.”

Hasbro Characters

The Warehouse Toy Play Date

Characters Interactive Promotions

"My daughter loved hugging the 'My Little Pony and the other toys' you should do more things like this."

Meadow Fresh Kaló Yoghurt

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

"I used to buy another brand of yoghurt but this one is far better! This will be my go to yoghurt from now on.”

Feel Good Ice Cream

Instore Demonstrations Shopper Sampling

“Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so good, you can’t tell from the taste that these are vegan or dairy free.”

Student sampling for Irvines Pies

Irvines Pies – O Week

Event Sampling Out of home

"OMG this is just what I felt like! I love Irvine's Pies, they're great as a pick me up and really affordable."