Product Sampling Silver Fern Farms Auckland Food Show

The Auckland Food Show 2021 saw over 25,000 attendees across 4 days. Silver Fern Farms were right there amongst the action, serving up only the best premium quality lamb, beef, and venison products. Delicious starts here!

The brief

  • Our Brand Ambassadors were assigned to the two product sampling stations, to showcase Silver Fern Farms as a brand, engage with consumers, and give them a real taste of Silver Fern Farms Beef, Lamb, and Venison retail products
  • Build awareness and drive trial of the Honest Burgers and core retail range

The mechanics

  • The Silver Fern Farms container was shipped in, and used as a ‘burger bar’ to serve Honest Sliders
  • Opposite the burger bar were two sampling stations where our Brand Ambassadors were situated. One stand sampled Beef Medallions & Lamb Steaks, while the other featured Venison Medallions & Venison Minute Steaks.
  • Talent were dressed in bright red “Honest Burgers” Tees, along with navy branded Silver Fern Farms caps & aprons
  • The gift with purchase offer this year included a free branded cooler bag with any purchase of 2 or more Silver Fern Farms products

The outcome

  • Over 5,000 samples were handed out to attendees during the 28 hours we were live
  • Almost 4,000 units of Silver Fern Farms products sold throughout the duration of the event

Want to know more?

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