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The product sampling and demonstration experts.

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The product sampling and demonstration experts.

Experiential and out of home sampling.

The product sampling and demonstration experts.

Event, Expo and Mall Sampling.

What we do.

Come take a look at what we do. We’re proud that the best advertisement for our work, is…our work.  Come take a look at some of our most recent campaigns.

Taylors Estate Wine

"I've always wanted to try this! It's great to be able to sample across other variants as well."

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Phenomenon demonstrating Dr Oetker in Supermarkets.

Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza

“I don’t normally buy frozen pizzas, but these taste so authentic I've got to have one.”

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Student sampling for Irvines Pies

Irvines Pies – O Week

"OMG this is just what I felt like! I love Irvine's Pies, they're great as a pick me up and really affordable."

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Feel Good Ice Cream

“Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so good, you can’t tell from the taste that these are vegan or dairy free.”

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Meadow Fresh Kaló Yoghurt

"I used to buy another brand of yoghurt but this one is far better! This will be my go to yoghurt from now on.”

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Hasbro Characters

The Warehouse Toy Play Date

"My daughter loved hugging the 'My Little Pony and the other toys' you should do more things like this."

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Sampling the new range of ready meals

Good Taste Company Meals

"Wow! These taste amazing, I can't decide which one to have. I'll have to take one of each."

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Sampling at the Auckland Food Show Event

Silver Fern Farms

"This tastes better than you would get in a lot of restaurants! I'm glad I got to taste it first or I would never have bought it."

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F. Whitlock & Sons Office Drops

"I loved the Whitlocks Peach Chutney, i've already put it on my list to pick up next time i'm in store."

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Trade Aid Sampling at the Auckland Food Show

Trade Aid Auckland Food Show

"My kids are obsessed with the Dark Raspberry Chocolate, and the packaging being compostable is amazing."

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