Yoplait Max Protein Breakfast Experience

Kiwi workers were treated to a full breakfast experience to MAX their day!




The brief:

With supermarket sampling off the cards, we turned sampling Yoplait Max Protein into a memorable experience for Kiwi workers, rather than  traditional product sampling.

  • Build awareness of the Yoplait brand and product offering in offices nationwide.
  • Drive trial by offering a full breakfast experience
  • Encourage purchase through trial and by promoting the $1 off discount coupon

The mechanics:

To maximize reach, we activated over a 4-day period in three regions; Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

July 18th – July 21st 2022

Sampling: Yoplait Max Protein (Vanilla, Berry, Natural, Passionfruit) with Vogel’s Granola/Muesli & Fruit

The outcome:

Over 3,000 breakfasts served in 18 select offices, resulting in happy, full-bellied, and productive workers!