Silver Fern Farms

When it comes to delicious tasting food, our client Silver Fern Farms have it made. We recruit and train a dedicated sampling and demonstrating team  for them, who know their product inside and and love it as much as they do.

Sampling and demonstrating Silver Fern Farms at the Auckland Food Show.

The brief.

  • Create a team of dedicated Silver Ferm Farm Brand Ambassadors across the country. This highly trained team will be be inducted into the clients product like their own staff, be able to cook and serve it like their own Chefs. They are also trained to sell and know which of the clients products is best for each shoppers needs.

The mechanics.

  • We recruited staff that met the clients expectations and love working with the product.
  • We then extensively trained them to the clients expectations and set guidelines for activation in each different channel.
  • Here they are at the recent Auckland Food Show where for 4 days they worked with the clients team to sample and sell. The team also go into foyer, supermarket and mall activations.