Super Seeds Muesli

The new line is we are SanitariYUM! Where health meets taste!

Sanitarium believe Healthy shouldn’t be hard. That’s why they launched Super Seeds Muesli. It’s healthy, tastes yum and affordable at $5-$6.50 a box on average.

The brief 

Raise awareness of the product and its benefits whilst encouraging trial and purchase. 

 The mechanics.

  • A Sanitarium Header with the distinctive blue background. A wrap picturing a bowl of Muesli and carton of Oat Milk.
  • Two different discount vouchers. $1.00 off the Muesli, and $2.00 off the Oat Milk.
  • Muesli was sampled with either Oat Milk, or a trim green top milk. We also gave shoppers the option to try both Oat Milk and Muesli on its own.
  • Talent wore a Sanitarium branded white hat and long sleeve shirt, along with a blue branded Sanitarium waist apron.

The outcome

  • 764 live demonstration hours 
  • Over 9,500 samples were distributed to shoppers
  • 48% of samples were converted to sales