Sanitarium Granola

A healthy choice for you and your family with a flavour that’s hard to beat.

New Low GI Granola™, with the great taste of real cocoa and roasted hazelnuts. 

The brief 

Raise awareness of the product and its benefits whilst encouraging trial and purchase. 

 The mechanics.

  • A Sanitarium Header with the distinctive blue background.
  • Two different discount vouchers. $1.00 off the Granola, and $2.00 off the Oat Milk.
  • Granola was sampled with either Oat Milk, or a trim green top milk depending on the shoppers preference. We also gave shoppers the option to try both Oat Milk and Granola on its own.
  • Talent wore a Sanitarium branded white hat and long sleeve shirt, along with a blue branded Sanitarium waist apron.

The outcome

  • 960 total live demonstration hours 
  • Over 11,000 samples were distributed to shoppers 
  • 40% of samples were converted to sales