PURE Burgers

Silver Fern Farms PURE Burgers are shaking up supermarket freezers, providing shoppers with convenience without compromising on quality.

Silver Fern Farms PURE Burgers are made from premium quality cuts, selected for delicious depth of flavour, texture, and eating experience. PURE burgers are made from 97-99% red meat and come with no artificial colours preservatives, or fillers – so you know you are getting Silver Fern Farms quality every time!

The brief 

Awareness and trial: Introduce consumers to our new PURE Burger Range by encouraging shoppers to trial the product and then purchase

Educate consumers that PURE burgers are the best burgers available in supermarket freezers – best flavour (premium quality cuts), best texture, best ingredients, best eating experience

 The mechanics

  • POS PURE Burger brochures were displayed on our stand for shoppers to take home, inspiring them to recreate some delicious PURE Burger recipes at home
  • $2.00 off coupons were provided to incentivize purchase
  • Live cooking in-store showcasing the range and providing samples to shoppers 

The outcome

  • 360 total live demonstration hours 
  • Over 6,700 samples were distributed to shoppers 
  • 27% of all shoppers sampled to, purchased a pack