Exciting and memorable sampling and demonstration campaigns

We bring your brand to life and drive sales.

Exciting and memorable sampling and demonstration campaigns

Experiential and out of home sampling.

Exciting and memorable sampling and demonstration campaigns

Event, Expo and Mall Sampling.

Exciting and memorable sampling and demonstration campaigns

Instore Demonstrations and Sampling.

What we do.

Come take a look at what we do. We’re proud that the best advertisement for our work, is…our work.  Come take a look at some of our most recent campaigns.

Student sampling for Irvines Pies

Irvines Pies – O Week

"I love Irvine's Pies, they're great as a pick-me-up and really affordable."

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Taylors Estate Wine

"I've always wanted to try this! It's great to be able to sample across other variants as well."

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Phenomenon demonstrating Dr Oetker in Supermarkets.

Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza

“I don’t usually buy frozen pizzas, but these taste so authentic I've got to have one.”

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Feel Good Ice Cream

“Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so good, you can’t tell that these are vegan and dairy free.”

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Meadow Fresh Kaló Yoghurt

“This is so dangerously beautiful, I would finish the 800g tub in one sitting.”

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Hasbro Characters

The Warehouse Toy Play Date

"My daughter loved hugging My Little Pony, you should do more things like this."

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Sampling the new range of ready meals

Good Taste Company Meals

"These taste amazing, I can't decide which one to have. I'll have to take one of each."

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Sampling at the Auckland Food Show Event

Silver Fern Farms

"Tastes better than what you would get in most restaurants!"

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F. Whitlock & Sons Office Drops

"I loved Whitlocks Peach Chutney, It's already on my list to purchase next time I'm in store."

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Trade Aid Sampling at the Auckland Food Show

Trade Aid Auckland Food Show

"Obsessed with this chocolate, and the packaging being compostable is amazing."

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Heinz Seriously Good Mayo

“This is really nice, I actually think I prefer it to Best Foods which is what I usually go for.”

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Hellers Meatball Launch

“A lot juicer and more flavorsome than traditional meatballs.”

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Just Smash Dips

"Love the Avocado and Pesto! I'll use this instead of our usual pesto for pasta tonight."

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Nature’s Fresh Bread

“It’s super soft, it is softer than other ‘white’ breads on the market”

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Sanitarium Granola

“I love the combination of the Granola and the Oat Milk”

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Honey Puffs Instore

“I've seen the advertising for this and wondered what they might taste like.”

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Honey Puffs Malls

“It’s great that a treat cereal can still provide nutritional value.”

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Super Seeds Muesli

“I really like this! I find lots of Muesli’s sickly sweet but this one tastes really good”

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Silver Fern Farms Burgers

“So many burgers are full of rubbish, so it’s great to see a good quality burger.”

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Snackachangi Chips

“I like that they are New Zealand made chips, at the moment I am trying to buy local.”

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Vogel’s Delightful Granola

"Can't decide between the Peanut Butter or Dragonfruit, so I'll have to get one of each."

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A brand ambassador samples Watties Hash Bites

Wattie’s Hash Bites

"Yum!! Awesome taste and love that they are from NZ."

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Wattie’s Peaches

”These pair very well with the yoghurt! Delicious and juicy.”

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Some of the great brands we work with.

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