Fruit Sensations & Greek

With the French joie de vivre and passion for great food, Yoplait yoghurt came to New Zealand in 1982, changing the yoghurt landscape with its unique Frenchness, fun and flavour.

The brief 

Encourage trial and purchase of the brand during the demonstration period by means of a GWP

 The mechanics.

A focused in store campaign across New World, & Countdown Supermarkets nationwide. To showcase and promote the new range of Fruit Sensations and drive sales. Sampling of Greek Yoghurt was limited to the South Island only.

Timing: April – June 2021


  • Yoplait Fruit Sensations 6 pack; Strawberry (hero), Raspberry, Peach
  • Yoplait Greek 4 packs; Strawberry (hero), mixed berry, vanilla.

Supporting Elements:

  • GWP bag used as incentive to purchase
  • Sales of Greek Yoghurt in the South Island was driven by use of a $1.00 OFF voucher.
  • All shifts were booked to a promotional schedule.

The outcome

  • 652 total live demonstration hours 
  • Over 10,500 samples were distributed to shoppers 
  • 42% of samples were converted to sales