Product Sampling Silver Fern Farms Burgers

Delivering what existing and new Silver Fern Farm consumers are looking for in the ultimate kiwi burger – an easy meal solution with a high meat content and high quality!


Each of the four burger variants have a character of their own and have been paired with the perfect amount of native New Zealand flavours to create the ultimate eating experience.

The brief 

Awareness and trial: Introduce consumers to the new Honest Burger Range by encouraging shoppers to trial the product and then purchase.

 The mechanics.

  • An Honest Burger Header with the distinctive blue background. 
  • $2.00 off coupons for the Honest Burger range
  • Live cooking in-store showcasing the range and providing samples to shoppers 

The outcome

  • 370 total live demonstration hours 
  • Over 5,500 samples were distributed to shoppers 
  • 31% of samples were converted to sales