Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza

Can a frozen pizza taste as authentic as one straight from a Pizza oven? Shoppers say YES!

Sampling Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza instore

Demonstrating Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza’s instore at Victoria Park New World

Dr Oetker is one of the leading frozen pizza brands in Europe and they’re now wanting to convince NZ’s that frozen pizza can have the taste and flavour of a freshly cooked Italian pizza. How do do this? In store sampling of course.

The brief.

  • Encourage shoppers to try the Dr Oetker Frozen Pizza range.
  • Educate shoppers on the benefits of the products including the convenience factor.
  • Drive purchase of the range while the team is in store.

The mechanics.

We placed brightly branded stands right beside the freezers where the product was located in store. The product was cooked in convection ovens, with the amazing smell of cooking pizza drawing shoppers to the stand. Even though the product is frozen the close location of the demonstration to the product enabled the Brand Ambassadors to easily hand the shoppers the variant they wanted to buy.

The outcomes.

  • 76% of shoppers approached wanted to sample the products
  • Over 5100 samples tasted by shoppers over a 3 week period