The Warehouse Toy Play Date

When it comes to bringing things to life…who you gonna call?

The team at the Big Toy Play Date

Our team bought kids favourite characters to life.

Hasbro is the largest toy maker in the world. They market many of the world’s most favourite brands such as My Little Pony, Mr & Mrs Potato Head and Monopoly to name but a few. Our team was called in as they wanted to host a number of ‘Big Toy Play Dates’ in Warehouse stores around the country and needed help to bring it to life.

The brief.

  • To provide specific talent for each of the characters. We needed specific talent sizes to fit into the various mascot uniforms.
  • We needed to include Mascot ‘minders’ at each of the events, to ensure the well-being of the talent and the very expensive costumes.
  • There were specific global requirements around what mascots can do so although it looked like a simple execution a high level of training was required.

The mechanics.

Staff were hand selected from our talent pool based on their mascot experience and also their size as the mascots had very specific requirements. We also recruited several minders whose job it was to watch over the mascots, make sure they were safe and could see where they were going and help manage the crowds, while ensuring that all children had a chance to have a photo with their favourite character.